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    Sales Representative


    The sales representative (or sales rep) is responsible for overseeing the sale of products or services from beginning to end. This individual is the direct point of contact with a customer and in charge of ensuring a customer’s needs and expectations are met. A sales representative should know their product or service inside and out and guide their customers through the purchase process efficiently and satisfactorily.


    Sales Representative Job Duties and Responsibilities

    • Acquires new customers by reaching out to leads
    • Researches customer’s individual or business purchase needs
    • Serves existing customers by optimizing current purchase plan
    • Adjusts sales tactics based on tests and new insights in the field
    • Resolves customer complaints and queries
    • Submits purchase orders
    • Informs management of purchase actions
    • Maintains monthly or bi-monthly minimum goals
    • Completes market research and monitors competitor activity
    • Makes recommendations for the customer
    • Maintains documentation of customer contact and account updates

    Sales Representative Requirements and Qualifications

    • Matric/Diploma
    • Bachelor’s degree (Added advantage)
    • Additional certifications and other professional development experience
    • 5+ year of sales experience
    • Customer service and people skills
    • Phone, email, and chat communication skills
    • Prospecting skills
    • Territory management aptitude
    • Persuasion, negotiation, and closing skills
    • Ability to meet deadlines and financial goal minimums
    • Patience to deal with customer issues and calls that do not end in a sale
    • Motivation skills and a positive attitude


    Hardware Industry


    Entry Level

    If you do not receive a response in 10 days, consider the application unsuccessful.